3D Dragon Kite

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Dimension: 120*140cm/47.24*55.12 inch(Approx)

Weight: 120g(Approx)

Package Contents:


1*Kite Line(100M)

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 *Classical 3D Dragon Kite Single Line With Tail 

*The dragon kite can bring you a good mood, offer positive energy for your life.

*Single line kite is perfect for kids–ready to fly in seconds, looks brilliant in the sky and flies great too.

*Suitable for flying in the weather of 2nd wind level and above.

*Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.

Warm tips:

1 Choose an open site at least 5 km (3 miles) from an airfield, away from trees, houses, roads, highways and railway lines.

2 Do not fly a kite in wet or stormy weather, or with wet or metallic flying line. Do not fly in winds beyond your strength.

3 Never fly a kite near electric pylons, overhead power cables or overhead lines of any kind.

4 Avoid flying over the heads of other people or animals as this could cause them alarm, or worse yet, injury.

5 Do not fly your kite over the legal limit in your country.

6 Wear safety gear, such as helmet, gloves, sunglasses, proper reel choices, goggles, guards, etc. Especially for larger kites and in stronger winds to avoid string burns.

7 Avoid flying too close to other kites to avoid tangled or cut lines, damaged kites, and accidents.

8 Don’t fly when wind speed is greater than 20mph. The strong wind will tear the kite.

Additional information

Weight 0.4630 lbs
Dimensions 3.9370 × 3.9370 × 3.9370 in

No Fire

Age Range

8-11 Years



Model Number

Kite with Line