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How To Fly Safer

How To Fly Safer

Despite COVID-19 continuing to claim lives, locations around the world are beginning to open again. More travelers are getting on planes.
Airlines are reinstating routes. Countries and states have begun to welcome visitors, despite the remaining risks.


Six months ago, anyone boarding a plane and fitting their own seat cover would have likely been looked at with amusement by most fellow passengers and cabin crew.

Once commercial aviation gets going again, though, such accouterments might well become common.

Dirty seats are everywhere, and is why we created Seat Cover!

We get it, you need a Disposable Seat Covers that truly lasts and will not fail on the travel!
We aim to keep you healthy!

These Airplane Seat Covers Are a Hygienic Way to Personalize Your Air Travel Experience

The first batch of Protective Seat Covers sold out in a few days, and now we’re on to the second batch, now available for SALE

For when you want an extra barrier between you and the seat…Bring a cover


Like a fitted sheet, but for flying. It’ll slip right over your seat to reduce contact. 

Reduced Price!!!

FREE delivery

Most airlines don’t share how often they clean the interior of their planes, but you should assume that your seat hasn’t been cleaned in a while.
Disposable Airplane Seat Covers design to provide a barrier between you and the germs and bacteria on your seat, helping keep you and your clothing fresh and clean while traveling.

Superb quality and unmatched convenience

Our seat protective covers are made with lots of love for you to get nothing but the best. We have taken a lot of thought into the design to ensure that it delivers impeccable results. The airplane seat cover features an ergonomic design for the best protection from contaminated surfaces.

Top-quality Polypropylene fabric is used to ensure that it can deliver impeccable performance. We recommend that you use our seat covers once, but if you would like to reuse, please wash in cool water on a gentle cycle for best results.

Your safety is our priority

One size fits most seats
Comes in 5 colors: White and Grey, Black and Purple, and Coffee color

Plastic sanitary cover for TSA security bins

We were floored when we realized how detrimental the flying process could potentially be to our health. After countless hours of research into the germs we all collect in airports, specifically during the security screening process, we figured we had to do something about it.

The plastic bins you put your shoes, jackets, laptops, and hand-carried items pose a large risk to air travelers.
Those airport security bins carry more germs than the toilets, scientists say.
Several thousand humans walk through the metal detectors each day, so you will probably want to protect yourself from germs. Read more..

Don’t let germs travel into your carry-on items

Use Covers to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm during your travels!

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