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Funny Photos Taken on Planes: You’ll Be Rolling in the Aisles

Funny Photos Taken on Planes: You’ll Be Rolling in the Aisles

Listen, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that long flights are the worst. Nobody enjoys being shoulder to shoulder with a stranger in a flying vehicle for hours, right?

But You have to admit that flying is one of the most awesome experiences you can ever have. Putting aside the airplane food and sometimes rude flight staff, flying is fun, and then there are times when it’s plain hilarious!

Whether you’re flying for a business trip or a vacation with your loved ones, the thought of exploring new cities, new cultures, and new people is more than enough to keep you giggling with excitement.

And while on-board your flight, you get to experience some hilarious moments.
Believe it or not, sometimes an airplane can house crazy moments with odd characters.

Check out these incredible photos captured in planes.

Hide And Seek

Where did the parents of these kids go? We’re sure they are already panicking, looking for their toddlers who can’t help but play hide and seek. Cheeky little monkeys!

These kids are so naughty and capricious that they can even find ways to trick the flight attendants on the plane. Flight attendants who’ve surely had to deal with many a troublesome toddler in their time. The kidsters even had the guts to ask them to take their photos. Good job, kids. We hope you had a good time in the cabin (it sure looked like you did).

Reality Hurts

Flying with little kids is notoriously challenging. It’s hard enough to keep them entertained for several hours, while also trying to make sure they’re not bugging the crap out of everyone else on the plane. This dad kind of looks like he’s given up…

Any parent can relate to the reality of this photo. With kids in tow, this is a normal scenario, not only when traveling, but in any situation. We’re just glad that this daddy is so patient that his toddler used his head as a couch so he could oversee the other passengers on board the plane.

New Friend

Babies create scenes during flights for considerable reasons – hunger, sleepiness and short attention spans. Their tantrums are annoying at times, however, they can often surprise you by being friendly. This photo is evidence that they can get clingy with new friends in no time.

This little mister here can’t get enough of the passenger seated on his back and kept holding his finger. This is so adorable. Isn’t it amazing that you get to meet new friends on the plane? Not to forget that your new friendship is initiated by no less than this lovely baby. The ultimate new bestie for brightening up your day!

Meet The Giant

Oh hello there giant doggie! We wouldn’t mind having him as a seatmate as he looks calm and friendly. Also, we cannot help but admire his cool owner who seems to be excited to travel with his massive dog.

It’s good to know that there are a lot of nice people in the world who invest their time and attention in caring for animals and even treating them as part of the family. Ready for more sweet and hilarious plane photos? You don’t want to miss a load of candid pictures and interesting stories. Keep reading!

Epic Reaction

Giant dog: “Can we go to dreamland now? Please.” Passengers at the back: (speechless) Probably, this is what the dog wanted to say to the noisy passengers at his back. If we were in his position and we just wanted to sleep, we’d also talk with the same politeness. Without this bubble thought, the dog’s reaction alone is epic. There is so much emotion in this photo that we can also assume he had spotted a cute baby in the back.

He was certainly amazed with something in his back view. Well, only the dog (and the person who took this photo) know the real deal here.

Worlds Happiest Dog

Look at his wittle smile!! He’s SO happy, it’s infectious cause I’m literally grinning like a fool right now. CHEESE.

Too Adorable

This picture makes us want to ride a plane as soon as possible with this service dog. Just too much cuteness in this photo. Can you imagine how many cities and countries this lovely pup has already visited? What a lucky doggo.

Have you had enough of our compilation? Surely not! We’ve got dozens more pictures awaiting you, and we’ve saved the best for last. Keep reading, keep watching and keep laughing. Also, be ready to get irritated and confused and learn a lot of lessons as each picture tells its story – some good and some (not so) bad.


This is one of the extremely insane photos captured during a flight! This woman must be very tired to think this is an acceptable thing to do. She just thought of sleeping comfortably, like everyone else on-board this flight. But with wide legs open? What if the person seated next to her has to pee and she’s sleeping like a log?

We hope this photo was choreographed just for fun. Nothing else. Otherwise, this passenger surely would have been reprimanded for not being graceful in the plane. Yes, GMRC (good manners and right conduct) matter a lot. Ask the cabin crew for a detailed and logical explanation.

Well Then

Oh goody, another one. If it were me, I’d act like a drill sergeant and just destroy this person with a brutal weight loss plan to compensate for their rudeness.

We cannot fathom why this particular passenger displayed such odd behavior. Where in the world can you sleep in such a strange position. Well, obviously in this plane. One thing’s for sure, the people seated next to this weirdo are irritated to the max. Why? No words needed. The photo itself explains a lot. That’s why we cannot blame airline management for being so strict with their rules and regulations


This angry man was clearly annoyed by the curly hair of the woman in front of him who, to be fair, is taking up a whole lot more room with her hair than is really fair. We can kind of understand why this guy was not fond of having such an obstruction to deal with every time he tried to grab a magazine or check out the in-flight menu.

While there is no specific rule about where to put your hair during air travel, women with long hair should at least keep it tidy by wearing a ponytail so as not to distract and bother other people. You don’t want to get this withering look from your fellow passengers now, do you?

Err, What?

Now this is some serious passenger shaming. Why would this man air out his shoes? On a cramped plane? It gets smelly real quick and this is just crossing some serious line.

Stinky Feet

This little girl knows no lies and her reaction is just epic! With a stinky foot extending on her seat, covering her nose may not be enough to conceal the foul odor. If the adult passenger did not remove his/her foot right away, we’re sure the parents of the child reprimanded him/her already.

Let’s not be too comfortable when flying because a plane is a transportation method which means serious business and sleeping in this position is not good. It becomes worse when your feet stink a lot. Eew. Tip: put on some foot deodorant or powder before flying and never flash them, especially to innocent young children.



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