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Disposable TSA Security Bin Cover

Disposable TSA Security Bin Cover

They’re the Best Way to Avoid Germs on a Flight

The first batch 100 pcs of Disposable Bin Covers was being sold out!
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Those airport security bins carry more germs than the toilets, scientists say.
Several thousand humans walk through the metal detectors each day, so you will probably want to protect yourself from germs.
You’d be amazed at what you can pick up in an airport, going through security... Take the extra second to protect yourself in TSA — it’s worth it!

To use simply Cover each Security Tray before placing your shoes, jacket, laptop, valuables, etc

Designed & Distributed in the USA

The first batch of disposable TSA Security Bin Cover sold out in a few days, and now we’re on to the second batch, now available for SALE!
(2 pcs in one set)


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Beware the filthy bins at TSA security checkpoints - they carry more than your luggage

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Several thousand humans walk through the metal detectors each day, so you will probably want to protect yourself from germs. I love the fact that I don’t have to put my personal items directly on the tray. Just simply cover the security bin before placing your items inside
They were made to be one size fits all. It has an elastic band and the large bins at LAX when flying international were not a problem. I like that they are large enough that when you walk up to the bin you can put it on, it drapes over the side and never touch the bear bin
The TSA agent told me that the bins never get cleaned. He said the bests get cleaned sometimes but the bins are dirtier than the toilets. This protector puts a barrier between the carry-on bags and any dirt that previous passengers may have left behind on a tray

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