Protective Airplane Seat Cover

Your safety is our priority

Worried about getting into contact with contaminated surfaces in public places? Well, we have the perfect solution.

Superb quality and unmatched convenience

Our seat protective covers are made with lots of love for you to get nothing but the best. We have taken a lot of thought into the design to ensure that it delivers impeccable results. The airplane seat cover features an ergonomic design for the best protection from contaminated surfaces. Top-quality Polypropylene fabric is used to ensure that it can deliver impeccable performance. We recommend that you use our seat covers once, but if you would like to reuse, please wash in cool water on a gentle cycle for best results.

Order our disposable seat covers for utmost protection from contaminated surfaces.

Airplane seat cover

Most airlines do not share information on how often they clean the interior of their planes. Use Airplane Seat Cover reducing the risk of germ transfer from seats to your clothing when traveling.

So does anyone despise oils/products, food remnants, a microscopic parasite, and any other bodily “things” on seats that previous passengers may have left behind on your seat?

Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have to worry about it anymore, thanks to EVEK.
Our covers put some distance between you and the seat that other people have sat on. For cleanliness and freshness wherever you rest, simply avoid contact with contaminated surfaces with EVEK SEAT COVERS.

They’re the personal protector with a special hygienic material that keeps you clean and comfortable on trains, planes, and automobiles (great movie, huh?). And speaking of movies, our Disposable Hygienic SEAT COVERs is perfect for theater seats, too.

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Have you ever taken your seat on a plane (or a train) and you spot a long black hair dangling from the headrest? Yuck! It’s happened to me more than once – including in first class. Obviously, the airlines don’t clean the seats for every flight because of their bottom-line budgets. Seat covers are a must-have when traveling. They are very affordable easy to put on the airplane seats. I’ll be purchasing them every time I travel.
Joan D.
You don't have to be Michael Jackson to arm yourself against microscopic pests and varmints lurking in public spaces such as an airline cabin.
One way to shield yourself from these critters is to use these disposable, sanitary Seat Cover protectors the next time you fly.
Highly recommend this EVEK Seat Cover for air travel and movies. Easy to use, lightweight, and ideal for staying germ-free.
John M.
I hate using public transportation including airplanes, and I hate sitting in movie theaters because I am afraid of getting lice or other gross things in my hair.
Some "fears" stay with us throughout our lives.
But now, I know of a simple way to help prevent lice and to keep travel a bit more sanitary.
(However, only heaven knows what other diseases or problems you can pick up in an enclosed airplane cabin.)
Oh gosh these are the best ... they are not crinkly... they fit a large airplane seat comfortably and with a quality feel and good fit.
Who wants to sit down in an airplane seat right after someone just left it?
Who knows how long they were in that seat, eating, sleeping, sneezing, etc. It literally takes five seconds to put it on your seat and block the potential germs from making you sick!! Protect your health!
David B

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